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Power Pet Sitter – A look back into 2016

2016 is almost over!

We can’t believe that the year has moved so quickly! But with the end of the year, it’s time for us to sit down and take stock of our accomplishments, our goals, and to lay out some new ones to make 2017 even more successful.

What did we do in 2016?

  • Introduced our Mobile Application
  • Facelifted our notification e-mails
  • Allowed you more notification options and reports
  • Added our Minimum Visit Service Time & Notification/Report
  • Expanded our Mobile GPS capture to include Check In option and running timer
  • Improved site functionality and loading speeds

Thanks to our users, our mobile application has been a raging success! We are proud to deliver you a useful reliable product and your response, both positive and critical, have helped craft a tool that really helps your business and others like it!

But we’re not done yet. Power Pet Sitter knows that technology is still advancing and we plan on advancing with it, to deliver an even better software product.

What would we like to bring you in 2017? How about:

  • The ability to hide obsolete time blocks without compromising the records you have
  • Removing the ‘Check if Staff’ buttons, on the login and password recovery page
  • The ability to select days that are deemed ‘Unbookable’ (I.E – Holiday Blackouts)
  • Expand on the Mobile Application to include a Client side and allow for a in-app communication.

And that’s just to start. Stay tuned in 2017 to see how far we go!

Thank you for another wonderful year!

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