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Introducing PPS Mobile version 2.0

We’re at it again!

Since the inception of our mobile application, our users have been very helpful in giving us feedback on how it works for them. Here at Power Pet Sitter, we’re dedicated to giving you a product that is easy to use and understand, which is why we’re updating our mobile application to better reflect your business’s needs.

What’s changing?
  • Maximum Service time will no longer be seen. This has been replaced with a Minimum Service time which will alert you, via email notification, to sitters that short-changed a visit.
  • Automatic reversal of sitter Check-In has been removed. Your Sitters will now be able to stay checked into a visit for as long as they need, without it being undone and without any loss of GPS information.
  • Blank fields in profiles will no longer display. This is for the mobile application only and does not apply to the browser version of the software. Fields will show in Edit screen, should the sitter have the information to fill it.
What have we added?
  • GPS capture for Check In action – When your sitters check into a visit, the app will capture their GPS location and timestamp. This will be displayed in the Appointment details, in the application as well as in the Completed Visits report.
  • Custom Questions! – The application will now show read only Custom questions for Clients, Pets and Services. Users will notice a new icon to indicate that there are Custom questions.
  • A ‘Short Visit’ Report – While Power Pet Sitter does have a Completed Visits report, the Short Visit Report will show you every instance of a Sitter who has marked a visit as complete before meeting┬áthe end of the Minimum Service Time, in the browser version of the software. A visit must be checked in to be viable for this report.

What does this mean for you?

As a business owner with the ‘Check In’ feature enabled, the only action that you will need to take to compensate for these changes is updating your Minimum Service Time, inside your Services page. Power Pet Sitter will not be adjusting the time you have set in those fields.

If you do not have the check in feature enabled, you will not have to worry about setting the Minimum Service Time.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback for Power Pet Sitter!

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