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Introducing mobile access for clients and in system Chat features!

The wait is over! Power Pet Sitter’s mobile application now gives you more!

We know you’ve been waiting patiently..

PPS has been hard at work with our developers, crafting you and your business the tools you need to succeed. Based on your feedback, your requests, and the evolving nature of the environment, we have expanded our mobile application to include some things we think are pretty doggone cool.

You can find version 5.0 of the application on your App stores, for both Apple and Android devices.

Allow your Clients to Login with the PPS Application!

With just a click in your Business Settings, you can ‘Enable Mobile for Clients‘ and once your clients download the app, they’ll be able to:

  • Login to see current and future appointments
  • Edit basic User information
  • Edit and Add Pet’s information (this includes uploading a picture of their pet)

You also have the option to enable even more features!

  • Optional Automatic Email notification of Visits being complete!
  • Optional In-system Chat Feature and GPS/Timestamp view!


Have control over who has access!

You will enable all these features from inside your business Settings tab. PPS has provided you a drop down option to enable Chat for all clients, all sitters, or everyone, based on how or who you want to roll these features out to. Enabling these features will enable it for everyone in your business but we understand that you may have people that want to opt out, or situations where you would rather a user communicate in another way. Each profile will let you adjust who sees what!

Worried about phone number security?

Don’t worry! The PPS Chat Feature isn’t like normal text messaging and personal phone numbers for clients or staff will never be needed for Chat.

Data Rates? No way!

The PPS application is using push notifications, like you might get from Facebook or other applications, instead of standard text messaging services! This means no spike in text or data rates!

What about Conversation Overview?

The whole point of providing a Chat feature is allowing a business to communicate with their clients without compromising any of their employee’s privacies and that’s what PPS has aimed to do.

Owners will find a ‘Conversation Report’ in your Reports Tab. This report will showcase all the messages that have been sent. You’ll be able to sort by Visit date, Conversation Date, Client and Sitter!

Get Started Today by accessing your Business Settings and Enabling Mobile for Clients!

The Power Pet Sitter application can be found on both Apple’s App store and Google’s Play store. Clients will use the same application that you and your sitters do, as well as the same login they use for the browser.

Please be aware, your clients must have the app downloaded to receive Chat messages!

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