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Give your pet sitting business the edge in 2012

Use technology to differentiate your business

Project a more professional image by using technology. An up to date website that allows your clients to schedule online and update their client information online will set you apart.

Don’t be chained to the phone or a desk

Busy walking pets? Are clients calling you when you are out and you are taking notes on a scratch piece of paper, hoping you remember to enter it in your date book? No more!  Link Power Pet Sitter to your web site and empower your clients to schedule their services online. All email confirmations can be personalized with your name and company information. Clients feel like they know you and feel more connected to you.  New clients can find you on the web and request service allowing you to grow your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Do you know who your clients are?

There is no better way to prospect for new customers than to first understand your current customer base. Knowing where your current customers live, what vets they use, and what services they like the most will help you focus your marketing efforts. One example of this it to spend some time marketing to the veterinarians that the majority of your customer base frequent. Take some time to visit that vet office, drop off a business card and mention that several of the clients in that office are also your clients. Additionally, find the zip codes you do well in and the ones you don’t and market accordingly.

Call your customers to action!

You have worked hard to get your clients to your website. Now make the most of it and ask for their business. Have a button prominently positioned on your website that lets them “SCHEDULE NOW” and let them schedule online.

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Power Pet Sitter is the industry’s leading pet sitting software company. Power Pet Sitter has clients in the US, Canada, England and Australia. Power Pet Sitter is owned and operated by the owners of two of  largest pet sitting companies in Atlanta, Georgia. These companies use over 100 pet sitters and service over +3000 clients in the Atlanta metro area.

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