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Expect to see something new from your Power Pet Sitter Emails!

We know here at Power Pet Sitter know that aesthetics is important, even if you and your staff members are the only ones that see it. With that in mind, we have decided to update our email format for Client and Pet information changes. Gone is the basic plain text of notifications past.

As of Wednesday, October 18th, your new e-mails will contain all the information you are used to seeing such as the client’s name, the user who changed it along with a time stamp, but will now include a more aesthetically pleasing structure. The ‘Previous’ and ‘New’ indicators will be spaced and marked with color.

Currently, this format will only be applied to changes made in a client’s profile, a pet’s profile, or any changes to the custom question answers attached to them. Power Pet Sitter will continue to expand this format to include all notifications and e-mails sent from the Power Pet Sitter Software in the future.

Keep a look out for new additions and adjustments from PPS as we continue to improve and evolve the software to keep YOU on top of the Pet Sitting business game!

Thank you,
Power Pet Sitter Team

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