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PPS on Multiple Platforms

A new Power Pet Sitter with all you need.

Software you’ve come to rely on, with a brand new look.

Power Pet Sitter has been a leader in the Pet Sitting Software Industry since 2006 and inside sixteen years of technological development, the industry in a whole has come a long way. Power Pet Sitter understands how important it is to have a software that uses current code and technologies, and is able to match the modern look of any business website.

We are PROUD and EXCITED to present a new version of Power Pet Sitter that is built on modern code, in modern cloud storage environment, and with features that brings your business into the new decade with flare!

Mobile access is as easy as having an internet connection and a browser!

But what have we actually done?

In order to stay on top of new technologies, expansion and feature additions, we’ve rebuilt Power Pet Sitter with the most current tools available. This makes it faster, cleaner, and smoother on any device while allowing us to add even more features more easily!

  • A new streamlined UI that includes an all inclusive mobile web responsiveness – use it on any device with no loss of detail or need for zooming in!
  • One Stop Shop for all your business needs – Allowing Clients and Sitters to use a single website without fighting with apps or downloads!
  • Redesigned Scheduling to include Cart service and Dedicated Tip lines!
  • Rave Reviews! – Clients will be able to rate their sitters, better guiding your training and hiring practices!
  • New features like System Notifications, Email Verification, and the long awaited pictures in Chat!

More details will follow about this exciting change meanwhile, you can check out our  Migration FAQ for some basic questions!

Login Screen – Legacy vs PPS2020
Sitter Viewing their schedule – Legacy vs PPS2020
Client Viewing Appointments – Legacy vs PPS2020
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