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Introducing our client application!

Eager to take Sitter/Client communication to the next level?

We’re making progress on our next upgrade.

Power Pet Sitter wanted to take a moment and let you know what we’ve got coming up for our users and their clients. Coming Soon for the iPhone and Android devices, Power Pet Sitter is creating a mobile application for Clients!

We’re very excited about what this will mean for you and your businesses; the security of clients knowing exactly when visits are complete, time saved by sitters who would previously have to message clients manually, and Admins having more insight into sitter/client communications.

Clients will be able to:

  • Receive a notification when a visit is marked off as complete
  • See upcoming and previous visitsĀ 
  • Chat with their sitter

Since PPS is all about choice, we’ll be adding a on/off box in client’s profiles so that you can control if a client receives these notifications. Chats will come with expansions of the software so that Admin can review recorded text communications.


Here’s what we plan to add next!

We want the Power Pet Sitter application to be a one stop convenience for your clients. With that in mind, we also plan on adding the ability to:

  • Schedule their own appointments
  • Update their information
  • Add a new Pet
  • Add notes to a visit.

Due to the complexities of these features, PPS will be releasing the Client application in parts, to ensure that everything functions smoothly. We are currently in the middle of testing the notifications and aim to have this build of the application out in a few months time and will keep everyone updated!

Have a suggestion for something that your business needs that you would like to see put into Power Pet Sitter? Feel free to drop us a line on our Contact page and let us know!

Questions or concerns can be directed to or you can reach us on the phone at 888.755.7581!

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