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1,000,000 Scheduled Pet Sits and Dog Walks and counting…….

We have reached a big milestone here at Power Pet Sitter – Power Pet Sitter has scheduled its 1,000,000th petting sitting / dog walking appointmnt! This is a huge milestone. It represents millions of individual pet visits to hundreds of thousands of pets by hundreds of pet sitting companies.

When we started Power Pet Sitter,  I often wondered when (or if) we would ever pass this milestone. Well it took us six years to get to 1,000,000 but there is a good change we could see 2,000,000 by the end of next year. Wow. Tremendous growth and a great validation of our business model to provide the best pet sitting software in the market built by people that are actually pet sitters. This combination of “eating our own dog food” has allowed us to provide the functionality that pet sitting businesses need above and beyond what a generic “scheduling program” will ever be able to provide.

What did the 1,000,000th pet sit look like? Well on January 2, 2012, Liana Sanders, the owner of Side Hill Sitters, in Fort Collins, CO, recieved a last minute pet sit request for a “30 Minute Drop-in” visit for Goose, a one year old Cheasapeake Bay Retriever mix.

Liana Sanders and her client Goose.

The appointment was schedule with Power Pet Sitter and Liana was the person who completed the visit. The rest is history.

Liana started Sidehill Sitters after pet sitting for family and friends for years and she decided to expand to a full business in February 2010. She has been with Power Pet Sitter since the beginning.  She has expanded from 2 sitters to 6, including one dog runner.  They provide pet sitting, dog walks, dog runs and overnight stays in two cities and their surrounding areas.  Liana is currently the only sitter to be NAPPS Certified in her area and she is planning on getting her Pet Tech Instructor Certification next month so that all of her sitters can also become certified without having to travel.  Sidehill Sitters has around 150 current clients and is constantly growing.  They really emphasize going the extra mile by having fantastic communication with the owner, having sitters with amazing animal experience, providing a library of animal related books, supplying all of their clients with emergency window clings and refrigerator magnets, and being available at any time to discuss and help with any pet problems her clients may have.

As of today, we are at 1,075,214 and counting…..See you at 2,000,000!

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