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Ready to be more aware of the status of visits?

Better awareness means better accountability.

We understand that one of the most important things in the pet sitting business is providing reliable, consistent service. Regardless of how many staff members you have loving your client’s furry family, there’s always a chance of a visit or an additional service might get overlooked during a busy day.

Power Pet Sitter is dedicated to continuing to evolve the software to better suit the logistics of your company, and that’s why, this coming this Wednesday, February 8th, we will be releasing a new feature to help you do just that.


Now introducing notifications for missed visits, so you never miss a thing.

Business owners will now be able to enable a notification that will let you know, at the end of each of your custom time blocks, if any visit has:

  • not been marked as complete or
  • not been checked in.

If you have ‘Check In’ enabled, the ‘not marked complete’ notification will show you if your sitter has checked in, and when.


Worried about your sitter being alerted to their missed or uncompleted visits?

We’ve got you covered! You will be able to select which notification you want staff members to receive by checking the appropriate boxes on their Permissions List, found in their individual profiles. Sitters will always only receive their visit information.


Where do I activate this?

You will be able to enable the notification in your Business Settings, found under Miscellaneous Options. Please be aware that you must have ‘Check In ‘enabled in order to enable the ‘Not Checked In’ notification.

In the notification, your most recent time block will be headed in GREEN, much like our Client and Pet information notifications. Visits from previous time blocks or dates will be headed in BLUE.

We plan on bringing you more features through 2017, so that you and your business can continue to grow!

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