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More Efficient Communication Between Sitters, Clients and the Office

Sitter and clients can connect and manage accounts on the go with our full function mobile application available to users of PowerPet Sitter. Now complete communication when needed can happen between sitters, clients and the office  Рall in the pal of their hands.

Sitter Screenshot checked in

Mobile For Staff

Let your sitters have easy and instant On-the-Go access to Client information! With a Check-in feature and a running timer on checked in visits, your employees and Independent contractors will be able to show exactly how much time they’re spending at a home!

Mobile For Clients

Allow your clients to automatically see the status of their visits! With a Chat feature and an automatically emailed notice of visit completion, Clients can use the app to communicate with their sitter directly! No texting or revealing phone numbers needed!

Client View
Admin View Multiple sitters

Monitor When Sitters Check into Visits

Login into the app as an Admin and see a live time-track of your sitters, where they’re checked in and how long they’ve been there! Additional notifications can be enabled to monitor if a sitter has NOT checked in or completed something by the end of it’s time block!

Notification if Sitter Stays Less Time

Worried about if your sitters are late? Don’t be with PPS’s Short Visit notification! Set a minimum time for your services and be alerted via email if a sitter doesn’t check into or mark a visit off as complete by the end of the timeblock!

Benefits of the Mobile Audit Log

Staff Accountability is easy with PowerPetSitter’s reports! Our completed Visit report lets you see when your sitters check in, check out, and where they were when that happened! Protect yourself and your sitters by knowing who was where and for how long!

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