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You want more – PPS has got it!

On October 17th, PPS will be rolling out a another step in our evolution – Inactivating Time Blocks.

Just like kids and the pets we service, everyone grows and that includes your business. For some businesses, that means price changes or service adjustments; for others – it means changing your Time blocks.

Now you can.

Starting Wednesday morning, users will be able to inactive timeblocks that are not being used in current or future appointments, including recurring schedules. Inactive time blocks will behave exactly like Inactive Services – once inactivate, neither you, nor your sitters, nor your clients can schedule visits in that time block.

How do I inactivate a timeblock?

Access your Time block page from the Business Tab and click ‘Edit’ on the Time block you’d like to inactivate. You’ll notice a new checkbox has been added:

Select ‘Inactive’ and save. If you have any current or future appointments that have a visit scheduled in this time block, you will see the following error message:

Clicking on the appointment number will take you to a Summary Page. Clicking on Recurring Schedules will take you to the Recurring Schedule tab. Please edit or delete and recreate these appointments as necessary.

Once done, you will be allowed to inactive the time block in question. Inactive Time blocks will show in grey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I have to remove the time block from the Services list?
A: No – the system will do that automatically for you.

Q: Will this change anything in my historical data?
A: No. PPS is committed to invoice integrity and has assured that your past appointments will remain as they were.

Q: Will I be able to book something in the past, in an inactive time block?
A: No. If a time block is not active, you will not see it available for selection at any time.

Q: What if I need to reschedule a historical appointment that has this timeblock?
A: You will be asked to select a new time block for the visit, and will be unable to retain the previous assignment without abandoning the rescheduling. The system will warn you when you’re editing an appointment that has inactive Time Blocks:

Power Pet Sitter has plans to bring you more exciting features and enhancements over the next year! Keep an eye out for posts on our blog and Facebook page to keep you up to date to everything we’ve got to offer!

Any questions or concerns can be e-mailed to or 888-755-7581!

Thank you for your attention,
Power Pet Sitter Team

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