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PSI Software

A Winning combination for nearly 10 years!

PSI Prefeered Providor

Since 2008, PPS has been PSI’s Preferred Provider for pet-sitter software, and we’re committed to helping PSI member business owners get the best business experience they can by providing you with the best software and connecting you to helpful people, webinars and documentation that further your business.

We know you’re looking to be the best connected, best supported professional pet-sitting business in your area. That’s why you’re interested in Power Pet Sitter’s special offer for members of Pet Sitters International!

What do PSI Members receive?

Your PSI Membership gives you two ways to save on Power Pet Sitter:

1) $10 off:  When you purchase or renew your PPS solo sitter package, you’ll receive $10 off the regular price—just for being a PSI member! Just let our representative know!

2) Save even more: At the time you join PSI or renew your PSI membership, first-time PPS users are able to take advantage of a very special PPS offer right from PSI’s website. The regular rate for the solo sitter package is $129/year,  but you pay only $40 when you purchase the PPS solo sitter package at the same time as your PSI join or renewal. That’s more than a 50% discount for the first year! (Please note: This offer is for first-time Power Pet Sitter users only.)