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Pet Sitting business networking at NAPPS 2012 – Well worth the trip!

We really enjoyed the NAPPS 2012 Annual conference in Las Vegas. We were able to meet many of our Power Pet Sitter users and it was great to share all of the benefits of using pet sitting software to the attendees. We enjoyed putting a face with a name and I think all of our clients enjoyed meeting us and “Catherine”. Catherine is like the Oprah of Power Pet Sitter! It was great to see Gus Elfving of Pet Peeps in Washington D.C.. Gus is one of our original users of Power Pet Sitter and he is always good for comic relief.

We met Kristin Morrison of Six-Figure Pet Sitting and listen to her great presentation. If you missed her talk, you can watch it here. Kristin is one of our first users of Power Pet Sitter back in 2006 and has used Power Pet Sitter very successfully to grow her business. Kristin wrote a great article on her blog titled the #1 Pet Sitting Business Tool that is Helping Me Travel for Two Months.

We bought a signed copy of her book which is a “must read” for anyone who wants to start or grow their pet sitting business. It was really motivating and a good read. You can order the book online or get an eBook on her web site.

Our vote for Best Dressed Pet Sitter was Isabel Alvarez with Wag the Pack…also a great supporter of Power Pet Sitter. Isabel was awarded the 2012 Business of the Year award winner. Congratulations Isabel!

We loved all the good dining and did a little gambling, but did not win! See you next year!

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