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Making things about you again

We know what you want.

You want your e-mails to look professional. You want your e-mails to stand out with your business name and logo so that your clients get all the information they need for their appointments and pets, and most importantly, you want the client and your sitters to receive their e-mail, with as little chance as possible of it bouncing or ending up in their ‘Spam/Junk’ folder.

During the beginning part of May, Power Pet Sitter adjusted the way our e-mail sends to bring us in line with SPF sending rules and eliminating most of the bounce and spam issues that stopped most AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo users from consistently getting their mail.

This was the creation of, that you will have gotten used to seeing.

Many of you pointed out the issues with this, primarily the concern that your Clients won’t know that the e-mails are from you and your business.

We’ve made some changes.

In an effort to return our mailing system to displaying your business information and stay in line with the SPF rules that dictate the success or failure of sent mail, we’ve made some changes to the way your mail displays the FROM and FROMNAME lines.

All mail generated from Power Pet Sitter will now show your administrator e-mail address in the ‘From’ field, and your Company Name in the From Name. 

This example is from a Client’s View:

If you have a profile or business logo uploaded inside your mail provider, it should show up as well.

Why did we make this change?

Our changes in May were to address the issue of ‘Spoofing’, which is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address. This issue had been causing many business owners extra time in communicating with clients, and asking what happened to those e-mails.

After our change in May, less e-mails bounced or were put into spam folders, but many owners now had a different issue of their clients not knowing what e-mails from ‘Noreply@powerpetsitter’ were, along with the loss of ready identification of the business.

We have been researching how to accomplish your identification on e-mails without being marked commonly as spam. This change is the product of that research and a step towards the final solution.

Thank you for your patience as we address your concerns,
Power Pet Sitter Team

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