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Introducing Mobile 1.5! Now with Check in Option!

We’re happy to release to you on¬†June 2nd, our updated application! All users will see v1.5 at the bottom of their screens. Apple Users may not find their availible for update until later due to Apple’s application review time.

Issues addressed and resolved in this release:

  • Remembering login name
  • Link to Calling Service from Client Phone Numbers
  • Link to Maps from Client Address
  • Mark Complete button moved up

Features to be released in the future:

  • Optional Check In Feature – This feature will be released in hand with a Software update to accommodate the changes to Completed Visits Reports and to add the ability to enable the feature.
  • Addition of Client ID# and Directions field in Client Information
  • Addition of ‘Aggressive’ notes field.
  • Visit Time set via visit time box.

If you have suggestions, comments, or would like to give us some feedback, you can reach us through this link!

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