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Giving you more power to choose

Clients recreate themselves all the time.

We know it’s a frustrating situation when a client has a profile with you, but recreates themselves when they have a password issue. Or perhaps your client list is full up and you can’t take on new clients. Power Pet Sitter is an advocate of choice, so when our users brought up this issue to us, we jumped into action to resolve it.

As of this morning, October 3rd, we have added a new option for you in the Miscellaneous options, found in the Business tab. This option will hide the ‘Click here to register’ link on your Login page, allowing you to choose when clients have access to registering for your services. This could be used to control duplicate account creation, or general flow of new business.

You want more? You got it!

In an effort to give a more detailed Activity log, we’re also updating what information the system collects. Previously, the activity log only showed you attempts to login, and information regarding the adjustment of appointment visits and prices, charges and credits, ect. Your business is more than appointments – it’s people and technology, and we here at PPS want you have the information easily on hand to handle every situation.

Items that will now be tracked in the Activity log:

Recurring Appts:

  • Will now show the date range of the created recurring appointment
  • Will track when a recurring appointment is deleted
  • Will show you who created/deleted it
  • Ability to view generated e-mail sent via ‘View Email’ button

Client/Pet Information:

  • Will now show which staff members got the update e-mail
  • See when a client/pet was inactivated and by whom
  • Ability to view generated e-mail sent via ‘View Email’ button

Mass E-mails to Clients or Staff:

  • Will now show which clients and/or staff members got the mass e-mail
  • Ability to view generated e-mail sent via ‘View Email’ button

Exception Hours and Notes added to Approved Appointments:

  • Will now show which staff members put in Exceptions
  • Ability to view generated emails for both via ‘View Email’ button

Your business is our business and we will continue to evolve and provide new and expanded features! We welcome both your suggestions and feedback, which enables us to make a unique platform for all of our unique businesses!


Any questions, suggestions or concerns can be sent to support@powerpetsitter.

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