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Don’t get Blindsided!

Don’t get Blindsided!

Never worry about having client information again!

We know that living in this technological age can come with some unforeseeable problems. From solar flares to technical issues, access to the internet isn’t always reliable and that can be more than just stressful. We want to make sure that our users are securely backed up and able to take care of the fuzzy babies that are entrusted to us without worry!

Starting Wednesday, August 23rd , Administrators will see a password protected excel file included with your ‘Complete Nightly Schedule’, that holds all the client and corresponding pet information for all the client’s scheduled over the next seven days. This way, no matter what happens, you have access to your client information!

You will find each file at the bottom of your nightly email. The file can be downloaded to your computer, or to your Google Drive. If you use a Mac, you will also be able to use this in Numbers as well as Excel.

For security reasons, Users who want to take advantage of this will need to contact Power Pet Sitter for your personal password into this file.

Power Pet Sitter suggests that users archive and keep these files in case you need to ever look up a previous schedule, or need emergency access to Client information, such as alarm codes, feeding and medication instructions or phone numbers and addresses.

Some helpful tips:

  • Client sheet sorts automatically by last name
  • Pet information can be found in the second tab, titled ‘Pets’, and is sorted by alphabetically by Client name.
  • If using the most recent version of Excel, you can resort the list as you need by using ‘Sort’, found in the Data tab. You’ll be able to sort by any of the headers provided.


Q: Do sitters get this report?
A: No. This report is only for natural Administrators. 

Q: What are ‘Natural Administrators’?
A: The natural Admin is the first profile account that was set up when the business was created. Sitter profiles that have been given administrative permissions are not considered ‘natural’ admins.

Q: Is this secure?
A: Yes. The password protection means that even if your e-mail or computer is hacked, this information can’t be accessed unless they know the password, as it has to be entered every time the file is opened.


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